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"Execution of Mrs. Ann Hibbins"


“Execution of Mrs. Ann Hibbins” is a work by F.T. Merrill. Mrs. Ann Hibbins was hanged for the crime of being a witch on June 19, 1656 in Massachusetts Bay Colony, over 30 years prior to the witchcraft hysteria that overcame Salem Village and Salem Town in 1692. Though not a part of the Salem Witch Trials, this work is the epitome of what I believe one imagines when discussing the Salem Witch Trials.  Mrs. Hibbins, an innocent victim, hangs her head in sadness as she awaits her death, while a crowd gathers around her. Due to the fact that some of the men around her are still on their horses, it seems that they feel absolutely no remorse for her imminent death. Rather, they will show no respect to her and will simply ride off once the execution is complete. 



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